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Saito Conducting Workshop — Memphis 2010
Wayne Toews and Michael Gilbert, Directors
August 8 August 15, 2010

Participants in the Saito Conducting Workshop Memphis 2010 will receive training in the principles of the Saito Method, which is employed by leading conductors around the world. Through gesture alone, participants will learn to express their musical ideas with clarity and artistry.

In a masterclass setting, each participant will receive individual instruction daily in well-paced sessions. Ample opportunities to conduct will enable participants to "learn by doing."

Representing a broad range of style periods and genres, the central content of the course consists of studies chosen by Professor Hideo Saito plus some supplementary materials. These pieces are rich with conducting challenges. As participants learn to use into-point and from-point motions, they will gain an understanding and control of the secondary point, a Saito discovery which resulted from his analysis of European conducting technique. The workshop will present techniques and gestures that allow participants to solve musical problems in ways that clearly communicate their own artistic ideas.

Wayne Toews
A dynamic proponent of the Saito method since 1974, Wayne Toews studied at Professor Saito's school in Tokyo before editing the English edition of the Saito textbook. He has established an international reputation as a distinguished teacher and musician.

Michael Gilbert
After meeting Professor Saito in 1963, Michael Gilbert went on to perform with the world's finest conductors for many years as a violinist in the New York Philharmonic. He is conductor of the Eroica Ensemble and the music director of Music Masters Course Japan (MMCJ).